Grass Carp a.k.a. Freshwater Tarpon on the Prowl.

Its the first week of April and the surface water in the creek is 55 F.  Things were really starting to cook about a week ago before the early spring cold snap hit.  After a week of feverishly trying to get my web pages in order, i decided to take a little time and see how things were going back down at the “creek”.   After all, things are starting to warm back up with highs around 70.  A couple more days like this or a good warm rain and we will be cookin once again!  In the mean time, the grassies have begun  to show up.  I probably saw 15-25 different fish. I started by throwing a weedless line tailed nymph.  I got some follows but mostly i was ignored.  The grassies can be very picky,  often if the fly is a little too noisy or large, or the wrong color, they will either spook immediately, ignore your fly, or follow the fly all the way back to you.  Following is their way of figuring out whats going on, and they are good at it!  Despite the wary carp, I had a hunch that one of the little crayfish I tied up last night might do the trick.  Small, light, weedless, and strong, the crayfish has been carp fly numero uno, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a common carp or a grassy in your sights, the crayfish fly is hands down one of the best producing flies that I throw at carp.  You wouldn’t necessarily think it would be good for grass carp but it is.

a small crayfish fly is one of the best flies for grass carp and common carp

Cute little guy!







a weedless crayfish fly used for fly fishing to both grass carp and common carp

Profile view



After failing miserably with larger, heavier flies, and fish around me, i tied the craw on as a nice grassy cruised by me no more that 8 ft.  Typically after a close encounter like that the carp will slowly sink into the deep not to be seen again, but this one must not have seen me in my camo digs.  Just as he passed me i hurriedly flung the fly towards his head.  he moved to inspect and then did nothing.  A lot of the time you just can’t tell weather the fish has the fly or not, so at some point you say to yourself…he’s either got it or he doesn’t but im going to find out before its too late!  Having reached that point i tightened up.  Sure enough, carp on!  First grassy of 2011.  It still gets me all freaked out and hoped up on adrenaline whey i fish to these guys.  Symptoms include nausia, sore stomach, butterflies, shaking,  and occasional loud whooping and other yelling when a nice carp is hooked, played, and or released.

Fly fishing for grass carp


Grass Carp caught on a fly




Grass Carp in the mud.

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