Great Lakes Hammer Head Gobies

great lake goby fly sculpin fly

Hammer Head Goby




So far in early testing the fly proves semi difficult to cast with an 8weight rod but all in all the fly looks good in the water has some minor stability issues but takes fish.  I hooked into my first catfish of 2012 this evening on one of these.  The catfish was the hardest fight I’ve had yet this season…this thing was a beast…no pic as the fly pulled out right when I beached it, but fish landed in my book.  Somewhere in the 24-28 inch range.  The bass also enjoyed this fly often taking it deep in the mouth.




3 Responses to 'Great Lakes Hammer Head Gobies'

  1. John Madert says:

    Hmm … double bead-chain. Yeh, gives the fly a wide-body look.

    Nice chunky LMB !!

  2. I must admit when I first saw the hammer head i thought it was a bit weird but I’m definitely becoming a fan. With a big dub (1 inch long fibers) you can get a nice wide fly. With the double single eye style the fly is supper stable. Gobies, Sculpin, juvenile bass, frogs,and crayfish can all be covered.

  3. Evan says:

    That is SWEEEET!

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