I can’t get enough…  the little light brow size 8 “Missouri Bugger ?” “brown op?” whatever went off.  I think it was a big common carp that bent it to hell…or grassy, or god forbid a catfish…it was golden colored and over 2 ft long whatever it was.  Will definitely be tying some more light brown flies in the near future.  The color is nearly invisible in the water where i fish.  A lot of the minnows I’ve seen are about this color and if you notice a minnow…many time its translucent…you see guts and spine/lateral line/dark back , this fly is a good match for the bait fish I have seen .  What to call it though?  The box i got that hook from says 3xHeavy.  Bone fish hooks are a must for trophy fish.

Carp fly bent out of big fish 3x heavy

Bent out by big carp


Blue catish caught fly fishing under a mulberry tree

Blue Cat


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