My Weapon of Choice for Grass Carp, Catfish, and Bluegill: Dubbing and Tie.

Here’s a how to piece on a simple fly that outperforms almost everything else where I fish.   Throw on a Marabou tail and boom, another killer pattern, though geared more towards catfish and bass.  Do a hackle with that and get a hook point up wooly bugger!  Really though, I’ve barely tied on anything else the last month.  Did I mention how simple it is? You don’t need anything special just some black dubbing, eye’s, turkey feather in black or similar, and a hook.  Mix your own dubbing and you’ll have endless fun with this pattern… The flies below are all on size 4, which is good for bigger fish during the berry drop, maybe year round? Its a step up in size for me, but just barely.  Deadly effective, no matter what you fish for.  Have fun with it! Change the colors up and do whatever, but black and brown are my favorites.

top warm water fly

6 Responses to 'My Weapon of Choice for Grass Carp, Catfish, and Bluegill: Dubbing and Tie.'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    It still amazes me that you get the number of shots you do, that is simply never the case with my grass carp or commons for that matter. And that fly is a real winner for you. We don’t have mulberries, but still…


  2. Cheryle says:

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  3. FishnDave says:

    I recall you saying you use 20 lb test tippet, correct? And what weight fly rod do you use?
    I appreciate that you can land those grass carp in a few minutes. The few I’ve hooked were on 5wt rods, and took @ 20 minutes each to land…which is probably hard on the fish.

    • Hi Dave, Nice to hear from you! I do use 20 lb fluorocarbon leader, with perhaps a 25 lb but piece, just so the line breaks downstream of the line/leader connection…and I’ve been playing around with mason hard mono in the butt section for throwing big flies…probably 16lb is as high as you would want to go with that, its pretty beefy stuff. keep in mind mono floats more than fluoro, and fluoro is a little thiner and def harder to see. doesn’t really matter what you use but i like the fluoro in 20lb, and the rod was a st.croix blank rated fast action saltwater 8, most expensive one i could find from them. last year or the year before i broke about 9 inches off the rod tip. its not very sensative or forgiving but it hucks, which is good and has great backbone. Everyone thinks its going to break when i touch it out past the handle but it never does. maybe some day. and don’t overlook the Fuji SiC guides on there…..I can bring my line/leader connection in out of the guides no problem, that helps me bigtime get control of the fish in close quarters..and a net helps :)

      • and i was recently thinking how much fun the freshwater drum would be on a 5 weight.. they tug good on an 8 but its not exactly super sporty….it could be a little more exciting i guess, but then Im going to lose big fish and I really really hate that. it messes with my head :) so heavy duty is my road of choice… and the mud sucks around here…stainless guides get junked pronto and i only have 1 rod with Sic guides…

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