Opportunity strikes

It was a beautiful day from the get go.  The severe weather let up for a day and I made the best of the situation.  The water was almost like chocolate milk, but i figured visibility might be better down towards the river so i made my way quickly down the creek, stopping occasionally to check a couple productive spots on my way.

Despite the falling water forecast, there was little indication of falling water.  I happened upon an overflow creek branching off the lower creek going through grass land along the levee.

This Creek forms along the levee when the missouri river rises above 25 ft in St. Charles, MO


He's headed where I am...



... down there


Numerous common carp were having a blast down there so i carefully waded in.  Mindful of snakes and snapping turtles I proceeded with caution.  I tied on a weedless brown Missouri Bugger.  The water was shallow and weedy, so i made use of a weed-guarded fly.  The carp ignored my downstream presentation completely.  I began to wonder if the carp weren’t entirely preoccupied with mating.  Having walked down the temporary creek a fair way  I cast back upstream and retrieved slowly back down with the current.  Within a cast or two I had a fish on.   Followed by two more before everyone wised up and the creek was nearly devoid of fish.  Common carp are the exception on these waters and not the rule, I was happy to to have landed two nice fish out of the three hooked.

weedless carp fly

Weedless Missouri Bugger


fly fishing carp

fly fishing carp

As I made my way back to the kayak, i noticed some XL sized grass carp poking around, so i tied on the jack of all trades, the Black Op size 8.  He always produces…Here’s a nice grassy.

carp fly

Size 8 Black Op...a go to fly


fly fishing grass carp


Add in a couple pesky gar and a missed grass carp or two and that was my day.  It felt good to be on the water this beautiful spring day.  There was a noticeable sense of gratitude as i head back up the creek.  I’ve done this 100 times before, but every time is somehow like the first time.  I hope this dream never ends.