New Additions to the Carp Fly Family

As I have stated, it’s my mission to bring fly fishermen the largest selection of Carp flies on the web.  Weather you fish for Grass Carp or Common Carp I have what you need.  Need some weedless carp flies, you came to the right place.  Nearly everything is offered with a weedless option, as i know first hand the benefits of weed guarded carp flies. Here are some of the latest additions to the family.

The Black Dragon

Carp fly used for grass carp and common carp for sale

Black Dragon Carp Fly

The Black Dragon is a slightly beefed up version of the Black Ops.  Small black flies are some of best producers no matter what you fish for.  Grass Carp feeding on the surface…you might think you need a floating fly. Not True.

Mulberries dropping?  don’t make the mistake of thinking you should be fishing a floating fly…its not true.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had floating flies scrutinized, rejected , recognized and shunned by these wary fish.  Often, they will start by inspecting the fly…then follow the leader to the line and the line to me!  Now there’s a bright fish.  If a fish doe’s take your  floating fly, its harder to set the hook for two or three  reasons.  First floating flie are often bulky, creating room for the fly to squeeze out.  Secondly, you really can’t move the fly without spooking the fish, meaning you probably have more slack in your line than you want. Finally, a floating fly sits hook point down.  All of which combined, reduces your ability to catch fish.

With this fly you get stealth.  Cast the fly and the  fish hears a plop! and now he’s looking.  strip strip strip(small strips).  If the fish does’nt find the fly cast again, and again, and again.   This gives you a chance to feel out how the fish is responding to the plop and give you the chance to place the fly where the fish will react and have the fly in his face.  Because you are likely stripping when he hits the fly, hook ups are no problem.   If you can get the fish swimming in circles looking for what tasty morsel in landing near him, he’s excited and going to hit whatever little thing he see’s, weather he thinks its a leach, a crayfish, a nymph or a baitfish.

Something else to consider, is that the fly is not on display for everyone to see, as a floating fly is.  Usually if you cast a floater to a pod of carp under a tree, they all get a look at it.  If Jerry goes over and eats it then freaks the F out, nobody else is going near that thing again!

Also consider that there are other species of  fish in the area.  Nothing is worse than having to go from one fly to another when you don’t see any carp, and then having to go back real quick when you do see one.  With a fly like this you can take all manner of fish.  Carp one second, catfish, bluegill, hybrids the next.   I also bet you’d be surprise at the catfish action under a mulberry tree.  Where catfish are less likely to hit the surface, they will more readily take a fly beneath,  so let your fly get some depth occasionally, you might bring up a monster.

Weather your casting under a mulberry tree, or to cruising Grass Carp, or rooting common carp, this fly is a good choice.


The Rabbit Tail Dragon Carp Flies

Weedless Rabbit Tail Dragon Carp fly

Rabbit Tail Dragon

Pictured with a weed guard, this fly is a theme that works.  Added on this pattern is the rabbit tail, giving healthy life to this fly while resting on the bottom.









Rabbit Tail Flashy Dragon

Rabbit Tail Flashy Dragon














Maribou Dragon Carp flies

Maribou Dragon Carp Fly

Maribou Dragon Carp Fly






















This fly incorporates the rabbit tail as well but has a maribou dubbing  and a fluffy maribou collar.  Pictured here with a weed guard, you can fish this fly in places that would otherwise drive you mad.  Before i fished with weed guards it wasn’t unusual to lose 4 or 5 flies in a few hours.  I rarely lose flies or fish with weed guarded flies, and probably catch a lot more.  How many times have you cast to a fish and snagged bottom, what now?  your not catching that carp i can tell you that.


Pink Carp Fly

Pink Maribou Dragon Carp fly










Purple puff Dragon Carp Fly

Purple puff Dragon Carp Fly

















Rabbit Tail Swimming Nymph Carp Fly

Carp fly

Rabbit Tail Swimming Nymph


















Sleazy Slider Carp Fly

Sleazy slider Carp fly

Sleazy Slider



















The Missing Link Carp Fly

Carp fly

Missing Link


















Missing Link Carp fly

Missing Link