The Carp Caddis

I’ve had this fly in my head for a few days now.  This was the perfect opportunity to put a buck tail dubbing blend to the test.  One of the easier ties around, the body/case extends beyond the hook bend via a 16# mono extension, custom blended dubbing mix,  ostrich hearl head, and of course Bone Fish hook with large bead chain eyes.   Sure to do as well in the trout stream as it will in the Carp pond.  This fly should take a weed guard nicely, for either drifting or dragging bottom


Carp fly Pattern flies




3 Responses to 'The Carp Caddis'

  1. Don Mear says:

    Great pattern. So great that your technique has several of us in the local fly shop, here in Colorado, arguing over how you extended the body. The prevailing theory is a mono dubbing loop. Thanks for the photo. You did a great job.

    • Hey Don and Guys, that was a while ago and I don’t do that extended body often, but if my memory serves me right…i tied in a 2 inch piece of 25lb mono so I could hold onto it. I started the dubbing loop at the back of the hook like normal, leaving the part of the loop closest to the hook empty…then wrapped that back over the mono tab to the point where I wanted to start and wrapped the body forward. When I got things how I wanted them I cut off the extra mono leaving just a stub, so the wrapped loop won’t come off. Its not the greatest method but something that can be played with…

  2. Don Mear says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for the info and I’ll let the guys know. It is quite an ingenious concept.

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