The Hackled Headstanding Backstabber: Carp Tested and Approved!

I grabbed a SIM card and popped it in the camera, got all my stuff together and headed out, leaving the camera behind of course.  “You won’t catch anything anyway” I told myself.  Over the past couple of weeks the  pressure has been mounting to land and document the fish we all hold so dear, yes, the Common Carp, and to prove to myself and the world that I’ve still got my fly fishing mojo.  Note to self, make sure you have your camera!  As Murphy would have it, today was the day.  Several commons and a grass carp were brought to hand, and just as many had a taste, but escaped having to wear my fashionable jewelry in their faces.   Introducing a slightly different tie of an old fly, the hackled headstanding backstabber.

hackled headstanding Backstabber carp fly


Not only did this fly take commons, it took a grassie, to my surprise.  I only say that because most of the visible grass carp I’ve seen this year are uber selective but not this fish which came out of no where and slammed this little guy.    Every once in a while you will get a grass carp you didn’t see coming, always a pleasant surprise! I will definitely be doing up some more of these flies, in various colors.  For one reason or another I’ve never really liked to tie or fish the standard backstabber, this version gets my strong approval, as does the hook (Tiemco 2457) at least on an aesthetic level…I’ve had them bend out before, so when the fishing gets serious i will have to put this on a straight eye sl45.  Also noteworthy is the damsel olive wing, a color I’ve never fished before.


3 Responses to 'The Hackled Headstanding Backstabber: Carp Tested and Approved!'

  1. Zach Janssen says:

    Awesome looking fly! Post a tying video if you could! Ben and I used to fish a fly very similarly to this one. Have your carp started spawning yet… They sure as hell are here. I went out and caught a ghostie on a fucking 4 inch long zonker type fly that ben created for smallmouth! Not only did it produce a 4 pound bronzeback but both of our carp for the day! Im rambling… Heh heh… Awesome fly brother

  2. Hey thanks man, I’m not sure they are spawning yet but very soon. Sounds like you got some good action up there, good for you! Keep up the good work. There’s nothing too the fly just tie it like a bugger and put the tail behind the eye. I might be able to shoot a video on it…Keep at it!

  3. Gregg Martin says:

    Sweet tie, I love new ties my self, flies period!


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