Yes!!! some nice fly rod Catfish today…. of course i was up under the mulberry trees mostly…the cats will hit anytime from just after splash down all the way down to around 6-8 ft deep as best I can tell.  I was using mostly small balck and purple flies today(black ops and purple penetraters  or what not), the blue cat hit a little bit larger heavier black fly that looks like a woolly bugger, the retrieve was slow to moderate with pauses and variations in how the fly was fished.  The carp came mostly on the small black and purple flies…mostly bead chain eyes, but i did use a  foam core purple berry fly that did not float…  the take can be  so subtle and fast its nearly impossible to get hook a grass carp if you can’t see the fly go in its mouth.  Next time I will have straight black foam berries that do float.  As a general trend the carp are spooky and selective with rising water, on falling water they are much easier to catch.  The same fly that was killing them a couple days ago they wanted nothing to do with until later in the day as water began to fall.   Also, word to the wise… never try and lip a big cat like its a bass, your likely to get your thumb tore up.   Anyhows…straight to pics.

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  1. Lloyd E Songer says:

    Hi. My name is Lloyd and as a child my father would take me carp fishing at a place that’s no longer there. It was called Shady Valley . We would catch large carp 40+. I moved away for many years and now that I’m home I’m not finding any good info on carp in the St.louis area. It’s as if I’ve never fished these waters. Do you know of any good parks to fish? I know as a good fisherman you probably don’t want to give up a good honey hole. But any advice would be helpful. Thank you for your time. Respectfully Lloyd

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