Under the Mulberry Tree

It was a day like any other on the creek.  I had worked my way down stream toward the Missouri River, casting a size 8 Black Op to visible grass carp along the way.  I had hooked and landed several and was making my way along when i spotted what looked like grass carp action up under this tree and next to the bank.  

right there….

…about 2-6 ft from the bank.  I cast my size 8 Black Op in and i got big swirls and missed bites on my first few cast, but the bites and swirls were still coming so I continued.  Next cast and bang…grass carp on!

I released the fish and it soaked me with water as it said goodbye.  I turned and cast back to the same spot and bang! another fish on!  This time it was a surprise.

fly fishing Mulberry tree catfish

Yes! I love catfish!!! bring it on!  This lil guy was in the range of 22-24 inches.  After a couple of pics he was free and I turned and cast back to the same spot.  Within a few casts i had another grassy on the line.

grass carp fly

He gave my fly hell…I bent it back with my forceps and cast back again.

Hmmm? what could possibly be going on here? 3 grass carp and a catfish all in the same spot within 15 minuets? Strange.  I survey the area take photos and up anchor moving downstream past the tree.  While fishing the downstream side i hear plop plop…plop.  Something is falling right were i was catching fish.  What is that I ask myself? cicadas? no, is that a mulberry tree?  I go back around and sure enough I can see little black berrys and then some more disturbance… I cast in that direction….

sure enough grassy #4 makes my day!  This was the biggest yet, but by no means the biggest hookup of the day…by no means!

This is whats causing all the ruckus…

I moved down the creek yet closer to the Missrouri River propper to some other mulberry tree’s i learned of last year.  sure enough grassy’s were swarming uder it, I tied on a larger fly to try that out and got some bites but no hookups before i snagged in the tree and went in after it.  the carp scattered and i moved on…eventually discovering yet another Mulberry tree with the largest carp of the day…BIG FISH!!!  I hooked into two but they both spit the hook, I was being somewhat careless in my play on the first, the second I cant remember.  These fish were some of the largest fish i have ever hooked in my life.  I moved back upstream to the last mulberry hole I was at and cast back in, this time with a size 6 Black Op, hoping the larger hook would hold a bigger fish and not bend out.  As soon as the fly hit, the water rippled with large grass carp searching for their next tasty morsel.  One hit my fly hard and tore of at light speed, line singing through the water…”that’s a good one” I said out loud…(one of the best ever).  Then it was over.  The fish was just too large and powerful.  Gamakatsu bonefish hooks need to be used instead of the Dai-Riki #930s,  its official.  Even then I dont know.  Maybee tomorrow I will land one of these giants.  Between now and then I will have to find the flies i tied onto bonefish hooks and cut the hooks free and re-tie in the Black Ops sytle.   it will be fun to try and photograph the fish  and play it at the same time…not.  The biggest issue will be unhooking it without getting my rod broke in the process.  Stay tuned!

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