Under the Mulberry Tree (part 3)

The fishing has been great the last few days.  Sure i could use more than just the three tree’s but three is better than none!  Its a real shame the creek isn’t lined with Mulberry tree’s.  That would be Carp fiends Heaven.  I’m really digin the catfish though.  Every time I hook into a big fish I hope to myself that its a big catfish…The Grass Carp have been a blast.  They seem super amped up, some come blasting out of the water on hook up, their fight has been A+.  My only problem is that i seem to loose the biggest fish.  Not sure if i’m using too much pressure and rippin the fly out or what, but i can tell you I’ve had a lot of hooks bending out.  They can really do some gymnastics when hooked, a size 8 is a pretty small fly for such large fish.  I’ve usually got snags within 20ft of where ever I fish so I can’t give too much slack…

On my way down the creek I stopped at a rocky bank hoping for some predators like Hybrid bass or Catfish. Instead, I got a small crappie.  First ever crappie in about 3 years on the creek! Then i had two channel cats followed by a nice blue cat and plenty of grass carp.  Despite the fact that most mulberrys float and the ones that don’t sink without swimming, the little black fly with bead chain eyes stripped through the water, usually from the get go, has been the ticket.  I should really tie up a floating mulberry and a sinking mulberry and fish them with 100% natural action but I’ve just been going with what already works.  As they say…if it ain’t broke …don’t fix it. There’s probably about 2 grass carp and one catfish missing in the photo lineup…enjoy…

Fly fishing for Grass Carp and Catfish

Headed down to the Mulberry Trees

fly takes crappie carp catfish bass bluegill and more

First ever Crappie on the creek

fly takes crappie carp catfish bass bluegill and more

When I got to the mulberry tree i tied my go to favorite fly, a size 8 (or 6?) black fly I call a Black Ops(it wasn't broken at that time). Yesterday I was fishing this fly to bluegill and bass, today its Catfish and Carp! Next week Trout? This fly was tied on a Gamakatsu bonefish hook. Superior to standard saltwater hooks but they will still break as you can see.


fly fishing for catfish

1st fish under the tree , Channel Cat

face of catfish caught on a fly rod

same fish

Battling a big Grass Carp

Grass Carp #1

blue catfish caught on a fly rod

Fish of the Day!!! Blue Cat


fly fishing blue catfish

blue catfish

catfish with my fly in his mouth



fly caught blue catfish

Athletic tape and sweat band on wrist for good reason....


fly fishing, blue catfish, mulberry tree

You can see the telltail signs of a blue catfish...The anal fin has a straight edge where a Channel cat would have a rounded edge and secondly look at his dorsal fin..tall and pointy were a Channel cats is not as tall or pointy . The color of the fish is not always a dead giveaway, The anal fin is the first place I look.




fly rod caught catfish

fly rod blue cat





flies for fly fishing to catfish

That Catfish broke my hook!


fly caught grass carp

grassy #2


grass carp on a fly

grassy #3

grass carp with fly in mouth


kayak fly fishing missouri

Lucky between fish photo


Between fish break photo

# 5 Notice the rod tip is about two foot from the fish. Fuji SiC guides make this possible and easy as slicing through warm butter. Playing a Large fish in a kayak becomes incredibly difficult without this ability. If your contemplating SiC guides...just do it!






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