Alton, IL Melvin Price Lock and Dam #26

Freshwater Drum fly fishing alton lock and dam #26 Mississippi River

There’s nothing that gets me more excited than the threat of big fish and Melvin Price Lock and Dam has that threat!  Were talking 100lb+ Blue Cats and Flatheads close behind.  Your chances of hooking into something like that are probably fairly slim but you never know.  I’ve fished this area only a handful of times, but the last few trips have been quite productive on medium sized Drum.  I also managed a few other species  including a grass Carp, two Largmouth Bass,  two White Bass, and a Catfish.  I primarily fished weedless  Hammer Head Rough Dub Crayfish on the bottom using both a sink tip with long leader and heavy flies and a full sinking line with medium heavy flies.   Even with the weedless flies, be prepared to loose 4 or 5 in any good outing.  For the time being  I don’t mind the Drum but in the future I will be looking to get into some more substantial action.  Legend has it that the fly fishing for blue cats beneath the dams can really heat up in the winter time if you have a boat to get you to the prime water.  Something I would really love to do.



5 Responses to 'Alton, IL Melvin Price Lock and Dam #26'

  1. Geoff says:

    WTF is the goldeneye? ive heard of them before but that is one ugly/goofy looking fish. And nice job with snagging the paddlefish, thats quite the lucky shot

  2. John Madert says:

    I think I now know where I can add “freshwater drum” to my fly-caught species list.

    A big blue-cat on fly would be a major prize.

  3. Gregg Martin says:

    That golden eye is too cool, them and moon eyes like little piranas. You have such a variety of species and waters it blows my mind. I enjoy fishing a sink tip in a river, but have not done it yet for warmwater species. Thanks for sharing!

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