Class is now in Session: Big Rivers, Backstabbers and Grass Carp


I was working on some Backstabber variations using rabbit strips in various ways last night.  I decided to head out today and give these flies a good test and see what happened. Here are a couple images.


A Backstabber variation tied with rabbit

Double Bunny Backstabber



Zonker Stabber ?



Backstabber variation tied by Chris Vargo
Vargo’s Bunny Stabber

I was concerned that the Double Bunny Backstabber would foul but I had no issues at all.  Virtually the same fly as a typical BS but a lot bigger.  I took two bass on this fly before I headed to the river, where I did not catch anything on this fly(i may have had some bites but I don’t know for sure) so I changed size and color.  I tied on the Charcoal bunny stabber over orange body and had 3 hits within a minute.  Of all the flies I fished today this was the one seriously gettin it done.  This fly reminds me of Mctages backstabber, much shorter than most flies I see.


Grass Carp on the fly Vargo's Bunny backstabber


I took about 5 GC and a nice drum before I was about to pass out from the heat.  Check out the Gallery for some pointers on where to find Grass Carp in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.



9 Responses to 'Class is now in Session: Big Rivers, Backstabbers and Grass Carp'

  1. FishnDave says:

    Keep the lessons coming! I need all the help I can get! My most recent expedition for local pond grass carp resulted in a very large scale on the hook.

  2. Been there many a time!

  3. Daniel says:

    Great post. Where can I fish for drums around st Louis? I live near creve couver and would like to have more action other than bluegill and catfish. Thanks again for great info on this site. I almost want to be a fly fisherman!


  4. Gregg Martin says:

    I love the drum shots! Let me posit a theory you may not agree with. Our grass carp are “sterile” fish in small ponds, you know why I put it in parenthesis. I honestly think, especially after the posts you have shown over the years, that wild fish may react very differently than the captive triploids. It seems that mine, and of others I read of, are very people conscious and rarely react with the agressiveness I see in your photos and videos. I HAVE tried to make my GC go predator with no success. Nor does a vegetation fly seem to worked. The GC I’ve caught were mudding with commons and bullheads unseen and darn few of those. What is your experience with pond sterile GC and feel free to blow my position all to hell. By the way, we have ponds overwashed by our warm Snake R. and I imagine it’s only a matter of time before I DO see wild grassies.


  5. Gregg Martin says:

    Thanks for the replies. I still need to look at Jay’s video though I may already have and know he’s done well. I read the information on black carp, fascinating. It seems if they occur with your grass carp you may have trouble telling them apart save for what I read as a more agressive feeder than GC. Interesting.

  6. Geoff says:

    You want to try again this sunday? Im gonna see if I cant get out for 2 hours or so again.

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