Early June


Fly caught small mouth buffalo


The last week has been busy.  I’ve spent a good deal of time fishing and exploring accessible Missouri river opportunities, even getting the yak out on the big river.   I’ve also tried a new spot on the lower Meramec and made my way out to the Mississippi.  The big rivers are just incredible places to be!  All in all fishing has been just average, with a good day on the creek this last weekend.  Backstabbers were the fly of choice early in the week, giving way to the trusted rough dub squirrel tail crayfish late in the week.  I even got a Small Mouth Buffalo!  Only the second of my life.


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  1. FishnDave says:

    Outstanding again!
    You continue to blow my mind…which is a good thing.
    I suspect it is 99% technique? You consistently catch grass carp on flies they have no business trying to eat! :)

    …I’ve got a long road ahead of me in trying to figure them out.

    • I think Zimmerman has a video out where he is catching grass carp on backstabbers too.

      • 99% technique … I spent a good bit of time learning, but its not hard, just blow off all the fish that turn up their noses and keep casting. Sometimes I cast to 20 fish and only hook one or two, sometimes I don’t hook any. Where you fish matters quite a bit too.

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    OK, no if ands or buts about it, your neck of the woods IS a destination place to be. It looks like even I could catch I wide variety of fish, I say be glad you are where you are. Nice stuff again as usual. Bully for the small mouth buffalo!


  3. Gregg Martin says:

    Nice chunky greens! I would enjoy that place, not that I could access most of what I saw. We have a pond with big carp here in a city park with no swimming signs and no wading. You may fish. My beef is with the disc golfers, the police kick out anglers trying to wade, but ignore the glorified frisbee throwers who are ALWAYS in the water at the wrong time. Part of urban angling I guess but patently unfair. I can’t wade anyway but the golfers should lose those expensive plastic toys.


  4. Gregg Martin says:

    I must have been unwell, that was meant to be at “Deer Creek Park.” Sorry about that.


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