Have I covered all the Bases

Pretty sure I could go out and catch 90-95% of whats out there with whats right here…Bass bluegill trout catfish carp you name it.

Carp flies, catfish flies, trout flies, bass flies, bluegill fliesgood flies for carp and catfish but also bluegill bass trout and more

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  1. Kev says:

    Hello, this is a great site. I can’t believe I have not seen it sooner. Do you find the flies were better with dumbell or bead chain eyes? Do you tie them that way to work different water conditions? The gray flies, what is the tail made of? Pheasant tail?

    • Hi Kev and thank you. The bead chain eyes tend to be best for my type of fishing, ie muddy waters and semi spooky fish. The flies are easier to cast, snag less often(don’t go as deep), spook fewer fish, and i believe they may even whistle under water(based on the sound they make in the air when cast). If i really want to get deep, drag bottom, make a serious entry, and or fish fast and deep i will go to the lead eye, typically for catfish, hybrid bass, and drum. The Tail you speak of is likely a section of turkey round (turkey feather). I’ve found it fouls much less than maribou and is a viable, if not preferred, tail material.

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