Missouri Goes Big : New Additions and Old Favorites…Part 1

Here’s a quick teaser for all you Great Lakes guys and general warm-water guys,  no particular order…more coming soon. Oh yeah, check out the
Great Lakes and all around freshwater Page too if your interested.



freshwater crayfish fly with wide body and extra eyes for rattle and size

Hammerhead Rough Dub Crayfish


Carp fly

Great Lakes Blind Squirrel


carp fly for the great lakes

Depth Charge


Hammerhead Depth Charge Carp fly freshwater fly fishing

Hammerhead Depth Charge


big backstabber fly for big game and big carp

Hammerhead Backstabber


awesome great lakes carp fly

Rabbit Charger Deep


big fat freshwater saltwater fly good for great lakes carp

HH Fatboy 2 Tone


freshwater saltwater fly carp in the great lakes

HH Rock Dartrer


Killer fly

Pink Mallard Meat


Carp fly for great lakes tied with mallard on stainless with rattle hammer head

Mallard Meat


Crayfish fly for carp and other freshwater species

Painted Puglisi Craw


Carp fly for Great lakes carp

HH Barred Reactor Bug


barred carp fly

Barred Bugger

2 Responses to 'Missouri Goes Big : New Additions and Old Favorites…Part 1'

  1. Zach Janssen says:

    Absolutely incredible as always! You come up with some seriously unique sh!t man! Have you fished the great lakes yet?

    • Thanks Zach. I’ve only fished there vicariously through the local fly shop. One of the guys there knows the Beaver Island Crew and leads trips there in the early summer…He Said the HH Craw took more fish than any other fly he used. I’m just extrapolating what I do for drum bass catfish and carp here to big carp up there, and using some local and/or web knowledge to get keyed in. I’ve been wanting to include larger flies and more fishermen than just carp guys because I think most of these flies will kill everything everywhere. I don’t go anywhere without my hammerheads these days…
      Im still working on the GL/Fresh-water flies but I am just about finished. Some of these would be good for your KC carp no?

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