big drum caught on a fly rod missouri river St. louis, MO

The other day I put all my gear in a backpack, loaded up my bike and headed out to the Research Park Katy Trail access.  I had a great time exploring and fishing and finally found the best spot around dark, I made one cast that seemed to hang up a little too quick….I felt the fly snag up thinking I was on a rock  so I gently lifted the tip to free the fly, it released but I also saw big big ripples like I actually had a bite from a 100 lb cat.  Despite it raining all night, I had a feeling about today producing something big.  The weather was atrocious  with 20mph sustained-35mph gusts at least, water rising and off color.  Mostly the fishing sucked, hucking lead on sinking line in a gale, I even took a Crayfish to the face, and had my nose “pierced”. There is nothing like having a giant crayfish stuck in your face!  The damage was only minor, as fly embed  just shy of the jagged broken off barb…yikes!    I was imagining the looks I was going to get riding my bike back to my car with a big fly stuck in my nose…blood dripping as I try to act casual.  Well, I did get a couple of fish.

big hybrid bass on a fly rod missouri river

Drum have been the staple species for me lately. They seem to be quite plentiful, and the only fish I can seem to locate with any regularity.  Crayfish type flies on the bottom in 25-12 ft of water seems to be the ticket.  This hybrid bass was a nice surprise!.   Grass and Common Carp are still available for a little bit longer. Get out while you can!

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  1. FishnDave says:

    Wow! Nice chunky, healthy fish! They’ve obviously been eating well.

    • Yeah, I took that drum from about as Deep as I’ve ever hooked one maybe 20-25 ft down. Fishing a rip rap outside bend….
      its tough to fish a big river top to bottom but there are fish down in the deep holes. This sort of thing might be better with 2 guys a boat and spinning rods…with flies of course! I do love probing the depths…

  2. FishnDave says:

    Flyfishing that deep in freshwater is extremely uncommon. As usual, you are breaking new ground (water?) for the rest of us. :)

    Your sinking line would probably get a fly down deep from a boat better than spinning gear…maybe? Unless you use some lead ahead of the fly on the spinning gear.

    I have discomfort just thinking about fishing that deep from shore with sinking line. All I can imagine is constant snags on the rocks!

    • FishnDave says:

      What did the Hybrid Bass hit?

      • Big Rough dub Crayfish swung down the the main river and into a side chute/wall break… he hit still out in the main channel.
        It is a pain but I love it…that’s why I tie so many weedless flies for my personal use and fish 20lb test…that and possible big fish… I recently upped my weedguard on size 2 to 30lb and got 40lb today…at some point it doesn’t matter… the rocks just take flies no matter what you do. I’m working on truly weedless/rockless but that’s elusive

  3. Geoff says:

    Nice drum, but sorry, I’ve already switched to trout mode for the fall/winter. I will have to turn on apex predator mode around the new year since i’ll be in FL hunting stuff with teef.

  4. Gregg Martin says:

    Nice, what harm would drum do here? I must stop whining about that. I do use a full sink line for carp but in a different fashion. In a couple small irrigation reservoirs in the early spring the water is low and the wind is always a gale sort of thing. The carp are known only by their splashing in the 45-49f water. So, I cast that line out anywhere and inch a hook up fly in. It can be slow, very slow, but does give me a fish often enough to make it a tactic I use much in cold water and where the bottom allows it. Now, I also have some incredibly deep old gravel pits and the carp are seen by bubbles in 30′ of water. Oh I’ve tried with a Type 3 line and heavy fly, but no go yet. My rivers I’ve little access to where a heavy sink tip may be the thing.


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