Piercin’ Lips and Takin’ Mugs

It feels  good to get back in the fishing groove, to have that quality of attention where there is nothing but what is.   Where yesterday and tomorrow cease to matter, or even exist, and instinct takes over as though comes to an end.   One becomes whole, without effort…listening, searching for, and finding ones prey.  Like the sniper or the serial killer, perhaps this is what drives us all, at least those of us who like to hunt.  Just as I hook fish, fish hooked me, and life was forever changed.


Freshwater drum caught on a flyi
Freshwater Drum sportin’ a nose ring




These two fish really made my day. Both were taken on the same weedless lead eye fly fished on or just above the bottom in about 5 ft of water.



Carp flies fly pattern



Grasshopper in march

Grasshoppers already? Its March 17th!



6 Responses to 'Piercin’ Lips and Takin’ Mugs'

  1. Kev says:

    Nice fish, Freshwater drum aren’t common in NC. I bet they are fun.

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    Always one seeking the unusual, that small story was very interesting to me. I have a question, have you ever added rattles to flies and do you think it would help for carp and drum?


    • Funny you should bring that up, I just started a forum topic about rattles the other day. I honestly don’t know if it would help. I’ve tried some rattles in the past but they just aren’t my favorite flies. Perhaps they need a revisiting.

  3. Zach Janssen says:

    What river is this?

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