Video Footage for Late August Early September

Lately I’ve been documenting my fishing with video instead of photo’s.  Here’s the Latest action out of the STL.  Isaac brought us some of the first real rains of the year and the fishing has been interesting.






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4 Responses to 'Video Footage for Late August Early September'

  1. Kev says:

    Dang thos fish were pretty aggressive. Nice vids. That’s kind of like how may fishing is around here. I august the fish get sluggish and don’t want to chase anything. I’ve never seen a grass carp go after something like that. Around here they would spook just from your cast. Maybe not if the water was the murky.

  2. FishnDave says:

    Great videos! Amazing how aggressive those Grass Carp in your area seem to be! Glad you posted one with Drum…those are ON MY LIST! :)

  3. Gregg Martin says:

    Simply outstanding fishing you have! My commons would never, like almost ever, allow me to present a fly multiple times and strip in. Unheard of. The grass carp are present in ponds as you know, but are not easy, they are nearly impossible in fact, but we always try. The drum also and variety of fish you have make it all too cool. Thank goodness for Issac as well.


    • Yeah, who’d of thought we’d be so happy to see a hurricane swing through…
      The common carp don’t usually do that…but on occasion they will come up off the bottom to take a fly.

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