In Search of the Berry Munchers


The last few weeks have produced some nice catfish and bass despite the beavers attempts to thwart me.  I had always thought you found beavers in places like Colorado and Minnesota but there is good population here in Missouri.  When I go out night fishing the beavers  are really active.  They tend to swim into the water I am yet to fish and slap their tails.  They obviously don’t like me.  Even with all the noise I still manage a fish or two.






Yesterday I got the Kayak out on the Creek for the first time this year.  I had heard rumors of Mulberries falling and even saw some evidence myself.  Despite low water conditions I had to see what was going on in the lower end of the creek.

It felt really good to get on the water again.



I fished a little on the way down but I was there to check the Mulberry trees so I worked my way quickly down to the trees.


I passed several trees that were either not dropping or the water wasn’t high enough for the berries to hit the water.  I made my way to the last and best tree on the creek.  I pulled up not seeing the action I had come for.  I dropped anchor and took another look.  Sure enough there was  a Grass Carp right in the spot I would expect.   ” Yes! ” I thought to myself.   I tied on a size 8 Black ops and it didn’t take long before I landed 6 or 7 catfish and a Grass Carp.  Not the numbers I would have liked on the carp under a berry tree  but the cruising cloppers on the way back up the creek made up for the slow carp fishing.  All in all the little Black Ops landed 1 common, 6 or so grass carp and 6-7 Catfish, not bad for a day of fishing.  Even though I’ve done this many times in the past its still an amazing experience.


a Carp fly for grass and common carp












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  1. I was casting nymphs to some grass carp yesterday that were sort of lazing about off shore with their backs out of the water. I wasn’t getting the response I was hoping for. What triggers the grass carp to strike, and what speed of retrieve using a Black Ops?

    • Well, I’ve never seen a suspended grass carp with its back out of the water…only when they are at the shore line munching grass. You are looking for medium to quick moving fish that is also feeding, though fish resting in the shade will sometimes take. The basic trigger is the sound of the fly hitting the water so if you have some bead chain it seldom hurts to add it to a nymph pattern. Cast close enough that the fish turns or speeds up so as to find whatever just hit the water. Once that happens I typically lose sight of the fly and the fish. So i strip both to give action and set the hook on an unseen take. Once they turn and follow…they are pretty much like bluegill. you can strip pretty quick if you want…I would call it medium to medium slow with some little pops and twitches (sorta crayfishy)….just enough to keep the line snug and set the hook on a subtle unseen/undetected bite. Sometimes the bite is semi vicious
      but not usually. The mood of the fish is often very important.

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    Nice fishing and pictures! I have seen many grass carp here “logging lt”, looking like a log, slowly moving or more often not at all with their backs out of the water. My success with all GC is dismal. Mulberries, you guys Midwest don’t know how lucky you are!


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