Never Say Never: Winter Carp and More…


Grass carp caught on the fly december 2012

Back in early December I made three trips to warm water discharges on the lower Missouri River.  The first trip was to the Labadie, MO power plant discharge.  Access is from boat launch 1 mile down river on the opposite side.  I made the trip in search of Hybrid Bass, but landed a number of Skipjack Herring and even a little largemouth.



Above is the view down river to the boat launch. Getting up and across river in a kayak is one hell of an adventure…add freezing weather and…well you get the idea.  Best to have a boat.


This is a Skipjack Herring.  This fish really seems to love a two handed fast as you can go retrieve.  The fly is back to you in about 3-4 seconds when your going really fast.  The fish will slash the fly repeatedly until you can set the hook, sometime bursting out of the water on the take.  I’ve heard these fish are excellent light tackle sport.  I enjoyed catching them even with my 8wt…


Oh yeah! This is the bad ass I came for.  This fish had me hootin and hollarin, man these fish are a blast!  Just wish I could find more of em in one spot.


Another nice skipjack




The next two trips were to Portage Des Sioux warm water outlet via Dresser Island boat launch.   Its a mile plus to the next portage over the rock wall into the Mississippi and then into the power plant outlet.

on the road again…


View of the plant from the launch site.


There was a lot of Grass carp action going on in the shallow mud flats, I only managed one fish this day…


Closer to the discharge the water was thick with Goldeye…I’ve never seen so many goldeye in one place!  I got hits on virtually every cast, getting a hook set was another mater all together.  Somehow, someway they are tough to hook….but 1 in 3 or 4 usually came to hand.




Oh yeah!  I love you Hybrid Bass….Tickle tickle.


Till next time!

P.S.  if you haven’t already , Check out the latest “all fly” issue of Carppro Magazine for my piece on Carp flies, and lots of other great topics all relating to carp on the fly!

6 Responses to 'Never Say Never: Winter Carp and More…'

  1. Kev says:

    I love this blog. Did that yak come with that paint job? I have caught white bass before and stripers but never a wiper. They stopped stocking them in some of the lakes around here. They are legendary and people wish they’d still stock them. Supposedly people catch them now and then. I’d love to.

  2. FishnDave says:

    Those are ALL awesome species to catch on fly gear! I’ve only caught Skipjacks and Goldeye on spinning gear, years back when I lived in Illinois.
    Of course the Skipjack jaw looks like a Tarpon…but how can you look at the Goldeye jaw and not see a trout? :)

    Great post, Chris….and your article and fly patterns in Carp Pro were awesome! That has got to be the best fishing magazine issue EVER.

  3. Allen says:

    Just wondering, in MO, if you use a trolling motor, doesn’t your boat have to be licensed? I thought I read if a boat is powered by anything other than “human powered” it had to be licensed. Not sure, just thought I’d ask. I figured you would know more about that than me.

  4. Gregg Martin says:


    I was going to tell you next post so here it is, your article on flies with USCARPPRO was spot on! Loved the flies and well explained rationale. Above is just too cool! I have heard of the mooneyes and goldeyes as more like piranas than anything else on account of their shape and small teeth. Super pleased you posted that. We have hydropower, no warmwater discharge around here, feel blessed.


  5. Toller Artikel. Vielen Dank.

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