Black Ops Put to the Test

I just had a feeling on my way to the creek that I was going to catch something large.  Once I’d gotten the yak on the water and made my way down I tied on a size 8 black op.  Couple of cast and bang.

Gold eye

Gold Eye

I continued to make my way down the creek…stoping at a spot on the levee that allows flood waters under it and out into the fields on the other side.  Whenever the waters in the creek recede there is a flow of warm nutrient rich water back into the creek.  The baitfish stack up in there and so does everyone else…gar, catfish, hybrids, carp, asian carp.  Last night we had a cold rain so this wasnt the tremendous fish attractor it can be, but I did snag a couple of asian carp.  If you’ve ever snagged an asian  you know they can fight hard as hell.  I moved on down to the next levee seep hole and fish for 10-15 min and decided to move on.  Several moments later, I realized my fly was fouled and I thought to myself, “better go back and throw this guy up in that last hole just to make sure” .  I did, on my second or third cast I got a “bite” and set the hook.  On setting the hook line tension  became unbelievable.  I had to ask myself, “What the fuck is going on” The fish wasn’t really moving but i couldn’t budge him an inch…then slowly it began to move.  I could tell this was one of the largest fish I had every set hook to. The adrenaline was pumping full on.  I had to keep him outa this tree to my left,

so I made the decision to apply as much pressure as possible regardless of the consequences, I could barely hold onto my line without it slipping out my fingers, only thing was I hadn’t dropped my anchor and sure enough he dragged me and the yak right into that tree.  “I’ll be damned If I’m gunna lose this fish” I thought. In my crazed state I slammed the trolling motor into reverse, it wasn’t doing a damned thing so I cranked it to full forward instead.  This might have worked had I not thrown myself in the drink in the process.  I managed to grab and outrigger with my left hand while keeping the rod in my right.  I got back in quick and shut off the motor just as the fish freed itself by bending the hook out.

I cursed at the top of my lungs, shaking from the experience.  It was My belief that I was hooked into a monster Catfish during and after the fight.  However, later in the day I came to realize that the chances of it being a big asian carp were much better.  I will never know.   That’s why I fish 20lb test.  I moved down the creek towards the Missouri River, only managing another gold eye and a hybrid bass.  On my way back up I stopped at the big fish spot and did some more casting.  Managing to hook a bighead in the mouth?  its entirely likely I snagged him in the mouth, though i have heard of asian carp hitting jiggs.  This fish didn’t fight at all.  unlike the other silver carp I had hooked earlier.