Carp Fly Patterns Fresh From the Bench

Found some new materials laying around in the stash, dubbed up a couple larger patterns for Carp, Catfish, or Bass.  Simple patterns are always nice, the muddler style fly has potential, didn’t get this one quite right.  Also picked up a bunch of new yarn in orange and red for some new dubs and a bunch of different color rabbit strips, hooks, new scissors, all at a sweet discount.  Thank E!  Dare not say the name, you never know who’s going to be reading.   More patterns coming soon.  Just wanted to post a couple pics fore i hit the slopes.


Carp fly with sparkle dub bead chain eyes on stainless

Sparkle Dub Big Bugger for a Simple Carp Fly

Carp Fly Muddler Pattern

Carp Muddler Possibility

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