Missouriflies’ Custom Dubbing Mix Chart Goes Live

The Missouriflies’ Dubbing Chart Arrives! Click lower right to go full screen. Select Edit Workbook from upper left, click edit in Excel web app. Once you have made your blend click File -> Share -> Share with People from upper left and send me and email. ChrisV@Missouriflies.com


Every dubbers nightmare is not being able to repeat a prior performance.  With the new Chart we can eliminate the guess work and kick out Kick Ass Dubbing every time.  Mixing dubbing is dangerous, and even addictive, let me do the dirty work while you sit back and marvel at your creation…all repeatable.  Save your spread sheets, take notes, and pass them along…Basic dubs you should find to be quite economical and are typically 3:1 soft fiber to coarse sparkle fiber and a touch of UV Ice dub..@ 1.80 per 2 gram bag…the same bags that go for $2.00-2.75 at the store.  Below Is the Chart with example numbers from a Mix I did today for some size 4 Hammerhead Rough Dubs. pics of the dubbing after that. This is a work in progress but the chart is live now! You can edit the sheet on your end and email it back to me ChrisV@Missouriflies.com…I can give you a quote at that time. I accept paypal.



This is what it looks like…

Carp fly pattern




custom dubbing blend by missouriflies.com


fly tying materials dubbing custom dubbing Chart bulk dubbing




mix your own dubbing

3 Responses to 'Missouriflies’ Custom Dubbing Mix Chart Goes Live'

  1. Gregg Martin says:

    Very life like it looks with that mix of fibers. Blending dubbing is fun but you better want to do it. Like your rationale of mixes.


    • The chart leaves a little to be desired… I haven’t had a chance to revisit it. I’ve got my methods down to where I can crank material through in the range of 60-90grams an hour…now there’s more too it (time and materials) but at $1/gram bag…and the ability to repeat virtually exact remixes by using component weights makes this chart and service possible, not to mention the cataloging of exceptional mixes. NO takers yet…but I think this could be cool, and fun for novice tiers and experienced tiers alike. There is some real value for the consumer when they stick to basic soft/coarse components. Get 4 soft/coarse mixes at 10 grams each and keep them stock…then blend between them too, adding your own Ice dub or what not by hand.

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