How Do You Catch Grass Carp

Grass Carp fly fishing

Its common knowledge that Grass Carp feed on vegetation, and that floating pellet/berry flies are best. In my experience I’ve found that small flies with bead chain eyes are best. Hits often come as I strip the fly through the water. So I’d like to know…how do you catch grass carp? And have you ever caught one while stripping your fly through the water. I’ve seen grassies bolt from a floating fly that was slightly twitched, as that’s unnatural for a piece of vegetation, yet they hit moving subsurface flies readily for me. Some have suggested that Grass Carp are strictly vegetarian and they are mistaking my fly for something else, my intuition tells me otherwise. I’f you’ve ever caught grass carp on a moving fly I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, let us know what you’ve caugh Grass Carp on what’s your favorite fly and how do you like to fish it.

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  1. John says:

    I’ve had most luck with simple pheasant tail nymphs. The key for me is getting the nymph in front of a moving grassie. If I find a sitting grass carp I wait for him to move. As soon as he starts to swim I toss a nymph in the zone. This is what works for me.

    • Hi, John! Do your fish hit the fly while its on the move or do you leave it stationary in front of him? Do you get the impression the fish knows the fly is an insect, or do you think the carp is mistaking the fly for vegetation?

  2. Brian says:

    I have caught grass carp on Mr. P’s Carp Carrot #6, as well as #12 black wooly buggers. I only get takes when the fly is on the move. I generally present it with slow strips. I agree with you, they will intentionally eat things other than vegetation.

  3. John says:

    I think that grass carp are lazy eaters. There’s often so much vegetation that they have little reason go out of their way for our artificial food. If you get one on the move and can drop something in front of it (like a nymph) they have little reason to pass up an easy snack.

    I’ve found that throwing a fly in front of a sitting grass carp is futile. If I find one sitting, I’ll wait for him to make the first move. Once he’s moving I toss one in the zone and it’s game on.

  4. FishnDave says:

    I’ve landed 3 Grass Carp on flies. 2 were caught on Boa Yarn Leech patterns, during the retrieves. The 3rd was caught on a white puff-ball fly that I suppose looks a bit like bread. It didn’t float, but was a slow-sinker, and I was retrieving ultra-slow to keep my line tight for strike detection when the grassie hit.

  5. Matthew says:

    The biggest grassy that I6 have ever caught on a fly was actually on a field mouse pattern trying to fish for bass. He turned out to be just over 25 pounds

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