Grass Carpin in the Creek HD


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  1. FishnDave says:

    Awesome! That looks like a LOTTA fun! Wish our local grass carp were that aggressive!

  2. Johnny says:

    You’re fortunate to have such an awesome fish dialed in. I agree with Dave, wish my local “Redneck Permit” would eat like that.

  3. Nate says:

    Looks like a Tarpon when you set the hook. I like the footage.

  4. Gregg Martin says:

    So do you see those grassies before the cast always? Your videos and stills are almost too much for me to even begin to imagine.


    • I Don’t always see the fish but in this case I knew there were some where I put the fly. I just got a polarized filter for the camera to help with glare…in this video I saw the fish open its mouth and close, I gave a strip but didn’t feel the fish on the hook. it came again with the same motion..slowed, (opened its mouth?)…I set the hook good based on how the fish was behaving…its attack rhythm if you will.
      Vision is often limited so having good “feel”, “anticipation”, striping speed, and striping rythm can be everything. Learning the fish was very hard…weeks on end of constant attempts before I had any luck at all. Now…its much much easier. There is much to be said about learning the fish…
      I plop a lot of fish …where I am actually moving fish with sound, common carp or grass carp. I usually want the fish to hear the flies entry into the water without spooking…watching the response to the cast is important to find where you should be placing your fly…

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