Hunting for Tail

It was 4a.m. and I couldn’t sleep.  “What the heck” I thought.  I got dressed and headed out to my car, grabbed my reel which I had mistakenly lined with a 5wt the day before.  The casting dynamics of a 5wt line on a 8 weight rod are somewhat less than satisfactory.  I headed down to the basement where I must have 6 or 7 different lines in various states of wholeness bagged up.   I picked out 30ft of 10wt I had once used as a shooting head for the puget sound when I lived In Washington state, and grabbed another bag with about 40 ft of an old 8wt line, and then grabbed about 60 ft of something else to serve as the rear of the line.  “I might be able to make this work” I thought.  I made some rough measurements, OK guestimates, and cut the 10wt roughly in half.  Then I found a suitable 3 ft piece of 5wt  for the tip and got to splicing or  more accurately gluing and nail knoting.  In the past I just nail knot the two lines together and call it good.  This time I went a little further because of the large diameter on the 10wt line.  I grabbed a razor and shaved the 3/4 inch connection area from full line down to half the line and did the same with the butt of the tip section.  Then I put a little super glue on the tapered part and put the two together.   To my surprise the connection was much much stronger and sleeker than I would have ever thought.  Most crazies  could get away with just the glue, but I topped it off with a nail knot for good measure.  After half and hour I had myself a new 10/8/5 wt line for testing.

I grabbed the rest of my stuff and was on the water by 6:30


I made my way down to the other end of the lake.  There was quite a bit of action going on in a couple of locations.  From what I could gather there were a mix of Grass and Common Carp doing something in the shallows.  They were all very spooky and wanted nothing to do with anything I threw, although I did get several Grass Carp to make close  inspections of my pellet fly later in the morning.  They came up on the fly nice and slow, when they got within an inch or so they bolted.  Either something didn’t smell right or didn’t look right, I don’t know which.  The fish may have been sipping midges from the surface, but that’s not my ball of wax.  As the day progressed I saw much fewer fish in the shallows.  The lake surface temp is now at 60F and rising with every passing 80 degree plus day.  It’s March 16th and the dogwoods are already blooming!

I did manage to muster one fish, I’m still not sure how I was able to land this monster on 12lb test.


As for the new line…talk about a quick load, and I didn’t have any trouble with a 13 ft leader either!  On the down side, it didn’t always present delicately.  I need to fish it some more before I make up my mind, but I think it will do nicely for most of my fishing needs.

On a separate note, I made it down to the Missouri River the other day.  Looks like a tire farm down there!  Reminds me of my post “Welcome to Planet Earth”.


How Many Tire's do you Coun't (I got at least 9)



3 Responses to 'Hunting for Tail'

  1. Kev says:

    Look at it this way, the fishing will only get better.

  2. Gregg Martin says:

    Well, neat line job, and I take it is was necessary, in other words, no regular 8 or 8 wt. line? Even you failed a fish other than the bass, that’s why I fish for carp, they can be vexing. Nice pictures’


    • I’ve got last years 8wt line but its destroyed by any normal persons standards…I tend to put off the inevitable, experiment, and get creative whenever I can, so it suits me.

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