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2013 Grass Carp and Freshwater Drum Footage From the Master :)

I thought the Gopro would make shooting easier and it does, but getting edited product to youtube has been a night mare.  So while I work out the bugs, here’s a little footage to help you understand lower Missouri, and middle Mississippi river drainage prospects, and how to make the most of what you got.  The two flies in these videos are the “Black Ops” for the grass carp and weedless “Hammerhead Sculpins”, mostly in dark olive, for the drum.  Hopefully these videos give a little more insight into whats in your Midwestern back yard, and what It takes to catch these fish… I will be back soon with a follow up on my favorite fly of 2013….the weedless Hammerhead Sculpin.  A great choice for any big fish…from great lakes carp, to large and small mouth bass, to freshwater drum, trout, and even catfish.


and one more blast from the past…. Big shout out to my friend Geoff for reminding me the berries had been dropping for 3 weeks, and that I might want to go check the spot…I only got 1 day of a couple berries falling while I fished….the very last day of the drop! and that’s after no berries the year before due to low water.  Thanks buddy, I owe you one!

How Do You Catch Grass Carp

Grass Carp fly fishing

Its common knowledge that Grass Carp feed on vegetation, and that floating pellet/berry flies are best. In my experience I’ve found that small flies with bead chain eyes are best. Hits often come as I strip the fly through the water. So I’d like to know…how do you catch grass carp? And have you ever caught one while stripping your fly through the water. I’ve seen grassies bolt from a floating fly that was slightly twitched, as that’s unnatural for a piece of vegetation, yet they hit moving subsurface flies readily for me. Some have suggested that Grass Carp are strictly vegetarian and they are mistaking my fly for something else, my intuition tells me otherwise. I’f you’ve ever caught grass carp on a moving fly I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, let us know what you’ve caugh Grass Carp on what’s your favorite fly and how do you like to fish it.