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How Do You Catch Grass Carp

Grass Carp fly fishing

Its common knowledge that Grass Carp feed on vegetation, and that floating pellet/berry flies are best. In my experience I’ve found that small flies with bead chain eyes are best. Hits often come as I strip the fly through the water. So I’d like to know…how do you catch grass carp? And have you ever caught one while stripping your fly through the water. I’ve seen grassies bolt from a floating fly that was slightly twitched, as that’s unnatural for a piece of vegetation, yet they hit moving subsurface flies readily for me. Some have suggested that Grass Carp are strictly vegetarian and they are mistaking my fly for something else, my intuition tells me otherwise. I’f you’ve ever caught grass carp on a moving fly I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, let us know what you’ve caugh Grass Carp on what’s your favorite fly and how do you like to fish it.

The Carp Chronic

Carp Fly pattern for carp fly fishing, carp flies

The Carp Chronic Fly

The Carp Chronic is super powerful stuff.  One hit and most Carp are done!  Lots of life in the tail with  marabou, crystal flash, and rubber.   Wire wrapped body, estez dub, on stainless, and bead chain eyes to finish it off.  Careful! Fish get hooked on the  Chronic.