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Rusty Brown Carp Flies

Well, I decided to take some time off from tying up orders and tie for “myself”…are the puff balls finished flies do you think?  Perhaps some dubbing to complete the head?  Simple is always Best NO?  Thoughts comments always welcome.  I’m sure there will be a lot more of where these came from.


The Half Prince Carp Ball Fly

carp fly fishing pattern

Barred Marabou 1/2 Prince? Hmm?


Here we’ve got about 4 barred marabou feathers wrapped on the shank giving a great looking puff ball Carp pattern.  I added a couple rubber legs to spice this one up a bit giving it a sort of Carp fisherman’s prince nymph look.   I think Its a bit bare on the head but I’ve had good luck with similar flies.


The Creeping Zonker Carp Fly

carp fly fishing flies

Creeping Zonker Rusty Brown


Here’s a fly that’s already in the fly store, the Creeping Zonker.  I  tied this up with some recently acquired rusty brown rabbit strips.  I like this pattern with or without legs, its sure to be a hit with the Carp, Catfish, Bass,and even Trout.  I catch some really nice hybrid Bass, and Freshwater Drum on this type of fly where I fish.


The Full Prince Carp Ball Fly

Carp fly fishing pattern

Barred marabou full Prince

Another  Barred Marabou puff ball, this ones got legs in the back to complete the Carp fisher’s “prince nymph” style fly.  I can’t imaging any self respecting carp letting this one get away.


Rabbit Bugger Carp Fly

simple brown rabbit Carp fly

Simple Rusty Brown

This Carp Pattern is tied like the Creeping Zonker above only the body is made from the same piece of rabbit strip the forms the tail, wrapped on like dubbing or hackle.  I’ve trimmed the bottom of this one for a stable fly with a flat base, though that’s  likely unnecessary as soft as rabbit fur is.


Marabou Dragon Carp Fly


Carp fly flies onlin store

Marabou Dragon Carp Fly

With all the work I’ve put in on this site; tying carp patterns, editing code and photographing finished product, I want to put my best foot forward. I have to admit, the whole web development game has been a rough learn, but I’m starting to get the hang of it, starting! Im slowly learning how to craft and influence what goes out the door, and i will continue to learn the web game as time goes on, fisherman first, web developer seecond.  What I tie is the culmination of over 25 years of hardcore fishing experience. I happen to think that these are some great carp patterns and I’d like the world to be able to see and fish them.  Obviously the colors on some of these flies is  slightly unconventional, But have no fear! I will tie these up in any colors you want. I’ve purposely given you, the carp fisherman, the ability to design your own fly, because you know what you want and what works best for you! What you see at is only one of many possibilities. You have full choice over personalized color schemes, hook type, eye type, and don’t forget, the weedless option on nearly every Carp pattern. Did I mention the weedless option? I’m certain the majority of you are hesitant to fish weedless flies. Let me assert with great confidence that once you go weedless, you rarely go back. Weedless flies have made me a better fisherman, allowed me to go places and bring my fly back like never before. Allowed me to catch fish I would have never caught without a weedless fly. There’s not much i hate more than losing the one or two “hot” flies in my box that i have supreme confidence in, or a big fish because my fly got snagged where he’s grazing.  I Just want to throw that out there. Be skeptical, but get informed by trying out a couple flies of the weedless variety, you won’t be sorry.



The Carp Chronic

Carp Fly pattern for carp fly fishing, carp flies

The Carp Chronic Fly

The Carp Chronic is super powerful stuff.  One hit and most Carp are done!  Lots of life in the tail with  marabou, crystal flash, and rubber.   Wire wrapped body, estez dub, on stainless, and bead chain eyes to finish it off.  Careful! Fish get hooked on the  Chronic.








Carp Fly Patterns for the Carp Enthusiast

I’ve been hard at work tying up the tastiest little morsels a Carp could dream of.  The newest additions to the collection are tied in a more traditional style, with more lively materials than the flies I typically fish day in day out.  I’ve also been working on the photography aspect, using a macro lense, a big ISO like 22, and getting right up tight to the fly, trying to fill the entire view with fly, and playing around with different color backgrounds.  Here’s some of the latest work, let me know what you think.  To browse the rest of the collection visit the Carp fly shop.


The Flashback Carp Fly:

Carp fly flies Pattern for Sale

Flashback Carp Fly

The Flashback is a fly you may somewhat recognize.  Thats right, its very similar to the Canyon Carp Fly.  I’ve taken the liberty of tying the fly upside  down and with bead chain eyes for your fishing pleasure.  I’ve always thought this was a good pattern, now its even better?



The Carp Carrot Carp Fly:

Carp Carrot Carp Fly Pattern for Sale

Carp Carrot

Ready for Inhalation this little guy will make a visible, and likely snack for our favorite finned friends.








The Sleazy Slider Carp Fly:

Carp fly pattern weedless carp flies for sale

Sleazy Slider Carp Fly

Though not pictured here, what makes this Carp slider sleazy is the flash in his tail.   This pattern is notable for its heavy use of marabou in the dubbing, as well as in the tail.  As many know, marabou makes a fly that breathes heavily, especially at rest, and is incorporated in many good fly patterns.  I have strayed from heavy marabou use because of it potential to foul around the hook, this tail is short enough not to cause any problems.  On larger flies with longer tails, i take care to “post” wrap the marabou so as to deter fouling.  This particular fly resembles the clouser close’nough crayfish, large nymphs, leeches, and baitfish.



The Carp Muppet Fly:

Carp fly pattern for sale

Carp Muppet Fly

Isn’t he cute…Similar in style to a crazy charlie, or a backstabber this fly looks a lot like the muppet Beaker to me.  Carp Muppet it is then.  Tied with a predominantly “up” marabou plume, this fly should settle as pictured and put on a display with no input on your part.  Get the Carps attention and let the fly sit, should be about all you need to do, the Muppet does the rest.


Rabbit Tail Swimming Nymph Carp Fly:

Carp fly pattern Carp flies for Sale

Swimming Nymph Carp Fly

Tied with a bead head this Carp fly is designed for lots of action, stripped, crawled, or stationary.   With a thick wiry dubbing job, a bit of flash  and a rabbit tail that says “Eat Me!”






The Rubber Dragon Carp Fly:

Carp fly pattern for sale

Rubber Dragon Carp Fly

The Rubber Dragon aims to attract attention, with 8 rubber tails this fly is sure to draw curious carp.  Of note is the stability of this fly.  Shouldn’t have any problems keeping the hook point up, with the splayed tails.  The Rough Dub Craw is another of my favorite flies which is also very stable in the water and on the bottom.