Black Ops…Flies For Fish!

First it was “the stealth bomber”, now something else has dawned on me…why the military theme? I don’t know.  I think I’m onto something here.  Everyone knows a black fly catches fish right…These here might catch a monster where I plan to fish them.  Time will tell.  Its going to be rainy tomorrow and doubt if I’m working, I’ll let you know how the fishing goes.

p.s.  if your not making your own dubbing you should.  All you need is some yarn some sparkle dub a coffe blender and scrap feathers/fur and bingo.  These flies will have a translucent holographic body too them when wet…I can’t wait to fish these around submerged trees just up the creek from the Missouri river.  The Size 6 flies can double or tripple…as nymphs, leeches, and bait fish.  Every time I fish flies like this I get slammed by random large fish…and now I’m consciously aware of it.

"fly for all fish" "best fly" "catfish fly" "carp fly"

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