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2 Responses to 'Main Gallery'

  1. Mike Eller says:

    Great site, some wonderful catches on flies. Congrats to you. I put a link to your site on ours. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. ethan Milburn says:

    Hey i found you on youtube, Me and my friends fish Caulks creek, I think you call it Bonhomme, all he time, and we love catching blues commons grassies and drum in it. I caught a 27 lb grassie last fall, and im hoping to head to the shore tomorrow. Im the President of the Marquette High School fishing club, and i’d love for you to email me some specific tips for the section if the creek just passed 64 up to wildhorse creek road, it our clubs favorite place to go ater big rains because we know the fish “resupply” from the main channel. Id appreciate some tips on what flies you use for drum hybrids and grassies because those are the hardest to catch from the shore on lures and even live bait. So glad someone else appreciates this drainage ditch!

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